Dmitry Vasilyev was a self-taught journalist based in Moscow. For many years he was active in the local and international underground music scene, running Monochrome Vision label since 2004 which released over 50 CDs with experimental music from artists all over the world. Recently, he was also one of the jury members for the Prix Russolo international music contest.
His career began with the IEM magazine founded in 1995, which progressed from a very small run fanzine to professional edition within just four issues. He later sought to expand written reviews and started doing weekly podcasts where he presented notable underground artists and labels, often presenting exclusive information obtained from artists directly in email conversations. Some 230 issues were published and are accessible via IEM podcast on Mixcloud and on iTunes.
He was also known as a concert promoter who organized a number of concerts and festivals for experimental music in Russia and Ukraine, for which he was inviting some landmark artists from all over Europe since the year 2002 right up to the moment of his unfortunate death in September 2018. Monochrome Vision was expanded to be one of the most active music distribution networks in Russia working directly with dedicated and innovative labels from all over the world.
VIVA ITALIA book became another offshoot of the IEM magazine, it took more than 10 years in production and now finally made available.